About Me

Everyone always talks about how important it is to have a healthy relationship with food. As you can imagine, it’s easier said than done. When you add being from an Armenian family which food always centers (or having your grandmother 10 min away from you for the majority of your life), it becomes a bit more complicated.

Whether it was my love for food or ‘eating my problems away’, I’ve struggled with weight for as long as I can remember. Even though I played just about every sport you can think of growing up; just like any addiction, this attachment to food brought tons of present joy and future disappointment. Have a shitty, stressful day? Something doesn’t go my way? Eat. Eat. Eat. Wake up the next day. Feel like crap. Think about what I need to do in order to lose weight. Rinse, repeat. 

Just like the short-lived joy that food brought, I resorted to the worst of the worst methods to try to lose weight. 3-day fasts. 7-day GM diet. 7-day juice cleanse. The list goes on, but pretty much every single fad diet you can think of. It gave me that quick satisfaction of losing 5-10 pounds in less than a week. A restriction like this led to extreme levels of fatigue and agitation. That was followed by extreme hunger that resulted in the consumption of a godly amount of food which landed me exactly where I first started or heavier. Back and forth. Back and forth. Otherwise known as… the yo-yo diet. 

When COVID hit, I thought to myself – what better time to detach from the rest of the world and finally accomplish my mission of losing weight? Being used to fad diets, I started at a pretty dramatic calorie deficit of 1k daily. 2 protein shakes along with a plate of chicken and broccoli. I accompanied that with daily cardio and lifting sessions. Even though that did work as I dropped 10 pounds in the first week, I knew this was going to lead me back to the same place it always did. Extreme levels of hunger with a strong pushback from gremlin (the food hormone). 

There was one huge difference this time around. I knew exactly what I was consuming. Weighing every gram of every single thing I put into my body. Tracking everything on Lose It, a calorie/macro tracking app. This was single-handedly the best thing I could have ever done. I finally understood the nutritional breakdown of food. You would think that it would be easy to understand which foods are more calorie-dense than others, but that was just not the case. I continued to be shocked every single time I would look up another food and remember how much of it I used to eat in the past. 

It was simple – instead of just sticking to that same chicken, broccoli, and rice that we all know and love, it was just about substituting with a more macro-friendly choice. 80% as good as the real thing without all the calories? That sounds good to me.

Adjusting my mindset from thinking starvation mode was the only way to lose weight to mindfulness around what I was eating was the long-term solution that was necessary.

This new approach helped me lose 60+ pounds in less than a year. A new burst of energy. A new burst of confidence. Mental clarity. Less crappy mornings. Less fatigue throughout the day. More focus. More happiness. The list goes on…

On top of it all, I went from not being able to run a single mile before this journey to finishing my second marathon with the intention of running many more. It’s incredible to see what your body is capable of when you give it a real chance to perform.

Seeing friends and family get inspired and follow the same journey as I did is what led me to start writing this blog. Just remember – it’s not about being perfect but just trying to be just 1% better each day. Those bad days don’t matter. It’s what you do the next day that does.