Smart Sweets Review: Introducing the Best Low Calorie Candy?

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Welcome to the sweet and sassy world of Smart Sweets. In a universe where candy is often synonymous with guilt, Smart Sweets stands out as a beacon of hope for that everlasting sweet tooth.

Today, we’re going to explore their tantalizing range, check out the nutritional facts, consider adding to your macro-friendly lifestyle (if that’s your jam), and answer the million-dollar question: does Smart Sweets measure up with the classics?

Smart Sweets 101: What’s the Deal?

Alright, let’s cut through the sugarcoated babble and get down to the nitty-gritty of Smart Sweets. They’re strutting around the candy aisle, flaunting their low-sugar, high-fiber creds like it’s nobody’s business. But let’s be real – can these sweet rebels actually stand up to the taste test, or is it all just smoke and mirrors?

Here’s the scoop: Smart Sweets isn’t playing by the old candy rules. They’ve kicked traditional sugar to the curb and brought in the cool kids – plant-based sweeteners. We’re talking about the likes of allulose, which has the audacity to taste like sugar without acting like it in your body. It’s like having your cake and eating it too, minus the calorie-loaded guilt trip.

These guys are on a fiber frenzy. They’ve packed their treats with fiber, turning each bite into a gut-health party. It’s not just about satisfying your sweet tooth; it’s about giving your body some love too.

Now, let’s get real – does this magic formula of plant-based sweeteners and fiber actually taste good? These treats are not just tolerable but actually enjoyable. They satisfy that nagging sweet tooth and keep you away from the dark side of high-sugar candies. It’s like finding an oasis in the desert of healthy snacks.

So, there you have it. Smart Sweets isn’t just talking the talk; they’re walking the walk. They’ve managed to make health-conscious candy that doesn’t taste like cardboard. It’s a macro-friendly move in a world where sugary sins are the norm. Will they revolutionize the candy world? Only time will tell, but for now, they’re definitely shaking things up.

Healthier Than the Rest?

The primary advantage of Smart Sweets lies in its significantly reduced sugar content, which is central to its health appeal. Smart Sweets Sweet Fish contain 92% less sugar per serving than traditional counterparts. Read that last line again. This reduction is achieved through the use of plant-based sweeteners like allulose and stevia, which offer the sweetness without the high calorie and sugar content typical of conventional candies.

Additionally, Smart Sweets incorporates a substantial amount of dietary fiber in their candies, enhancing their nutritional profile and making them more beneficial for digestive health. While they maintain the enjoyable flavors and textures of traditional candies, their lower sugar and calorie content, coupled with the addition of fiber, position Smart Sweets as a preferable choice for health-conscious individuals or those managing their sugar intake. This makes them a viable option for enjoying sweets while adhering to a somewhat healthier lifestyle.

Is Smart Sweets Macro Friendly?

If you’ve read any of our other posts, you would know that we dive into the macro-friendly lifestyle pretty regularly. If you haven’t, what are you waiting for?

The primary principle of a macro-friendly lifestyle is getting the most bang for your buck from a calorie and macro (carbs, protein, fat) perspective. Feeling the most full you can within your daily limits. Make sure to check out our full breakdown of what a macro-friendly lifestyle entails.

Almost every item we’ll be ranking has around 100 calories for a bag of candy which means our enjoyment doesn’t have to last 2 seconds *cough* traditional candy *cough*. With its low calorie and low sugar count, we do believe that Smart Sweets can be an excellent addition to your macro-friendly lifestyle. The best part of it all – the satisfaction of eating a full bag of candy and not thinking you just committed a crime.

Ranking System: Is Smart Sweets Good?

In our Smart Sweets expose, we’ve devised a meticulous ranking system that zeroes in on three critical aspects: texture, taste, and comparison to the OG candies.

Texture – we evaluate the chewiness and mouthfeel of each candy, ensuring that it hits that sweet spot between too soft and too firm.

Taste is the king in our assessment – we’re looking for that perfect balance of sweetness and flavor that sets Smart Sweets apart.

To help you fully understand the taste and texture described in this article, we’re comparing traditional candy brands to Smart Sweets. We’ll rate them on a scale from 0-100% depending on how closely they match up to their original versions.

But hey, don’t just take our word for it! We strongly encourage you to dive in and see which flavors and textures tantalize your taste buds the most. Everyone’s palate is unique, after all. To aid in your candy exploration, we’ve crafted comprehensive comparison charts for each product, providing a visual guide to help you find your perfect Smart Sweets match.

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1. Sour Blast Buddies

Smart Sweets Sour Blast Buddies are a tangy twist on your traditional sour candy. These little buddies pack a punch of sour that wakes up your taste buds without overwhelming them.

Each Sour Blast Buddy is coated with a dusting of sour sugar, adding an extra zing that makes them irresistibly fun to eat. They’re a fantastic option for anyone looking to indulge in their sour candy craving without the regret usually associated with high-sugar treats.

Vs.ServingTotal CaloriesTotal CarbsTotal SugarTotal FatTotal ProteinTotal SodiumDietary Fiber
Smart Sweets Sour Blast Buddies1 Bag (50g)100cal42g3g0g0g70mg13g
Sour Patch Kids12 Pieces (30g)110cal27g24g0g0g25mg0g

The taste is a delightful balance of sweet and sour, reminiscent of classic Sour Patch candies. Texturally, they strike the perfect balance between chewy and firm, offering a satisfying bite without being too gummy or sticky.

Topping our list as the best Smart Sweets candy, we estimate it mirrors the original experience by approximately 80%. This refers specifically to Sour Patch Kids.

Give these little buddies a try. Check current prices on Amazon.

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2. Sourmelon Bites

Get ready for a wild ride with Smart Sweets Sourmelon Bites – these aren’t your average, run-of-the-mill gummy candies. They’re a bold explosion of sour watermelon flavor, hitting you with a wave of zestiness and fruity goodness that’s perfectly offset by just the right touch of sweetness. Let’s take a look at the comparison against it’s toughest competition.

Vs.Serving SizeTotal CaloriesTotal CarbsTotal SugarTotal FatTotal ProteinTotal SodiumDietary Fiber
Smart Sweets Sourmelon Bites1 Bag (50g)100cal42g3g0g0g70mg13g
Sour Patch Watermelon9 Pieces (32g)120cal29g25g0g0g40mg0g

Smart Sweets Sourmelon Bites are a dream come true for sour candy fanatics. They bring a fiercely tangy yet sweet sensation that’s bound to satisfy your sour gummy cravings. The chew on these is insanely satisfying – they’ve got the classic gummy vibe without any of that annoying stickiness or toughness.

These little rebels have a texture that’s an epic balance of softness and firmness, making them wickedly enjoyable to chew. It’s like a party in your mouth with every bite.

Coming in second on our list of Smart Sweets candies, we can tell you that this candy is 60% as good as the real thing.

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3. Sweet Fish

Think Swedish Fish, but with an edge. They’re a defiant stand against the sugary norm, boasting just 3 grams of sugar and 100 calories per pack. How does it measure up to Swedish Fish from a nutritional lens?

Vs.Serving SizeTotal CaloriesTotal CarbsTotal SugarTotal FatTotal ProteinTotal SodiumDietary Fiber
Smart Sweets Sweet Fish1 Bag (50g)100cal42g3g0g0g70mg13g
Swedish Fish5 Pieces (30g)110cal27g23g0g0g25mg0g

Picture this: a burst of audaciously fruity flavor, reminiscent of your favorite childhood treats, but with a grown-up twist. These Sweet Fish are a bold smack of sweetness, balanced with a subtle tang, making each bite a wild ride for your taste buds. And the texture? It’s like they nailed the perfect gummy formula – chewy but not jaw-tiring, soft yet satisfyingly substantial.

Ranking at number 3 in our Smart Sweets review, its about 60% as good as the OG Swedish Fish.

For my sweet fish fanatics, check current prices on Amazon for the best bang for your buck.

4. Peach Rings

Step aside, traditional candy, because Smart Sweets Peach Rings are shaking up the scene with their daringly delicious twist. These aren’t your average peach rings; they’re a rebellious remix with an 88% reduction in sugar compared to the leading traditional candy, yet they still pack a punch in the flavor department.

Vs.Serving SizeTotal CaloriesTotal CarbsTotal SugarTotal FatTotal ProteinTotal SodiumDietary Fiber
Smart Sweets Peach Rings1 Bag (50g)100cal42g3g0g0g70mg13g
Haribo Peaches4 Pieces (30g)100cal25g18g0g1g0mg0g

Each ring is a bold fusion of tangy and sweet, capturing the essence of ripe peaches in a sassy, chewy form. The texture is where they really throw a curveball – soft, gummy, yet with enough resistance to give you that satisfying chew.

Landing a solid fourth in our Smart Sweets smackdown, we’ve crunched the numbers and these edgy treats stack up to about 50% of their rival, Haribo Peaches.

Check current Amazon prices and let us know if it compares to the OG Haribo Peaches.

5. Red Twists

Smart Sweets Red Twists aren’t just a twist on licorice; they’re an all-out rebellion. These bad boys throw the classic licorice game into a frenzy with their bold flavor and texture. Imagine diving into a bag and getting hit with a bold berry punch that’s tangy, sweet, and unapologetically in your face.

Vs.Serving SizeTotal CaloriesTotal CarbsTotal SugarTotal FatTotal ProteinTotal SodiumDietary Fiber
Smart Sweets Red Twists1 Bag (50g)100cal40g2g1g1g55mg12g
Twizzlers3 Pieces (34g)110cal25g13g0.5g0g70mg0g

It tastes like sugar but it doesn’t act like sugar. Thanks to 11 grams of allulose per bag, you get the sweet without the sugar crash. And let’s talk about that texture – it’s a wild ride of chewy satisfaction that’s gluten-free, making every bite a defiant stand against traditional, sugary licorice.

Slamming into the number 5 spot on our taste-o-meter, this candy is blasting through the roof with a bold 90% match to the OG, Twizzlers. It’s not just close; it’s almost a doppelganger in the world of sweet treats, daringly toeing the line between copycat and original.

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6. Gummy Worms

Smart Sweets Gummy Worms are a full-throttle, no-holds-barred uprising in the candy realm. Each worm is an audacious explosion of taste, boldly flipping the script with its low sugar concoction. Don’t worry, it still slams your taste buds with a fierce, unrepentant punch of flavor.

Vs.Serving SizeTotal CaloriesTotal CarbsTotal SugarTotal FatTotal ProteinTotal SodiumDietary Fiber
Smart Sweets Gummy Worms1 Bag (50g)110cal36g4g0g4g70mg9g
Haribo Gummy Worms4 Pieces (32g)110cal25g14g0g2g0mg0g

The taste is a wild ride of fruity goodness, throwing punches of tang and sweetness. Less sugar doesn’t mean less taste. When it comes to texture, these worms slither their way to a chewy, but not rubbery balance that’s hard to find in the world of gummy candies.

Sliding into the number 6 spot with a bit of a disappointment, Smart Sweets Gummy Worms are throwing down a solid 40% match-up against the classic Haribo Gummy Worms. These worms might not hit the mark as the top-of-the-line candy rebels, but they are still worth the try. Check current prices on Amazon.

7. Caramels

Smart Sweets Caramels are a rule-breaking twist in the world of caramel treats. These caramels aren’t your typical sugar-laden, guilt-inducing indulgences. They’ve been crafted for the modern candy lover who craves that classic caramel taste but with a rebellious, health-conscious edge.

Vs.Serving SizeTotal CaloriesTotal CarbsTotal SugarTotal FatTotal ProteinTotal SodiumDietary Fiber
Smart Sweets Caramels1 bag (45g)140cal35g1g7g1g150mg15g
Werther’s Original Soft Caramels5 Pieces (32g)140cal23g13g4.5g1g70mg0g

The taste is a masterful blend of sweet, buttery richness with a hint of saltiness, delivering all the decadence of traditional caramels but with significantly less sugar. Texture-wise, they’re a chewy delight – soft enough to melt in your mouth yet firm enough to give you that satisfying chew that caramel aficionados love.

Landing at number 7 on our Smart Sweets review list, these caramels are not messing around – they’re a solid 80% match to the iconic Wether’s Original Soft Caramels. These caramels are for those who want to indulge without the baggage of excess sugar, proving that you can have your caramel and eat it too.

Visit the Smart Sweets store on Amazon to grab yourself a bag or 6?

8. Gummy Bears: The Classic Reimagined

These Gummy bears are a cheeky challenge to conventional gummies, proving that you can indulge your sweet cravings and still keep things on the healthier side. They’re for the fearless, the adventurous, and anyone who believes that snacking should be a thrill ride, not a guilt trip.

Vs.Serving SizeTotal CaloriesTotal CarbsTotal SugarTotal FatTotal ProteinTotal SodiumDietary Fiber
Smart Sweets Gummy Bears1 Bag (50g)110cal36g4g0g4g70mg9g
Haribo Goldbears13 Pieces (30g)100cal23g14g0g2g5mg0g

With a taste that’s a daring mix of fruity flavors, they hit your palate with a tangy twist that’s unexpectedly satisfying. Each gummy bear is a defiance against the OG Haribo gummy bears, delivering sweetness without the sugar overload. As for texture, they’ve nailed it – chewy, but not rubbery, with just the right amount of bounce to keep your jaws happily busy.

In the gritty showdown of gummy supremacy, these upstarts clock in with a mere 40% resemblance to the reigning champ, Haribo gummy bears.

Ditch just taking our word for it. Try them out and then come back with your raw, unfiltered opinion. We’re all ears. Check current prices on Amazon.

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9. Lollipops

These lollipops are for those who crave that sweet kick without the usual sugar guilt trip. They’re the candy world’s wild child, proving that less sugar can still mean more flavor, and way more attitude.

Vs.Serving SizeTotal CaloriesTotal CarbsTotal SugarTotal FatTotal ProteinTotal SodiumDietary Fiber
Smart Sweets Lollipops2 Pieces (12.4g)40cal12g1g0g0g0g0g
Dum Dum Pops2 Pieces (13g)50cal13g9g0g0g10mg0g

With tastes like blue raspberry and watermelon, they deliver a bold, not-too-sweet punch that’s more about tantalizing your taste buds than overpowering them. The texture? It’s the perfect balance of hard candy bliss – not too brittle, not too soft, giving you that satisfying crunch and dissolve action.

Sliding in at number 8 on our edgy Smart Sweets review list, these lollipops are rocking the candy world with a 90% match to the real deal. They’re not just mimicking; they’re boldly redefining what a lollipop can be. With a 90% similarity score, they’re almost indistinguishable from traditional lollipops.

Grab these lollipops on the Smart Sweets store on Amazon.

10. Cola Gummies

Smart Sweets Cola Gummies are the renegades of the candy world, shaking things up with a low-sugar twist on a classic flavor. It’s for those who crave the nostalgic cola kick.

Vs.Serving SizeTotal CaloriesTotal CarbsTotal SugarTotal FatTotal ProteinTotal SodiumDietary Fiber
Smart Sweets Cola Gummies1 Bag (50g)100cal42g3g0g0g70mg13g
Haribo Happy Cola8 Pieces (32g)110cal24g15g0g2g0mg0g

These gummies are a defiant nod to the beloved cola taste, capturing its iconic fizzy and tangy essence without the sugar rush. Think of a daring cola burst with a sassy sweetness that tickles your taste buds. As for texture, they’re a chewy triumph. Each gummy offers resistance – not too soft, not too tough, making every chew an adventurous experience.

At the bottom of the barrel in our Smart Sweets Review, these gummies are only 50% as good as the real deal, Haribo Happy Cola. Don’t trust us and want to give it your own go? Be our guest.

The Fiber Factor: Is it Too Much of a Good Thing?

Fiber plays a crucial role in maintaining overall health, and its importance cannot be overstated. It’s essential for digestive health, helping to keep the gut functioning smoothly and preventing constipation. Fiber also plays a key role in weight management by promoting feelings of fullness, reducing overall calorie intake.

Additionally, it can help regulate blood sugar levels by slowing down the absorption of sugar, making it particularly beneficial for people with diabetes or at risk of developing diabetes. For heart health, fiber helps to lower cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Smart Sweets has strategically incorporated fiber into all their candies to offer these health benefits while still satisfying sweet cravings. By adding fiber, they not only improve the nutritional profile of their candies but also address common health concerns associated with traditional sugary treats.

The presence of fiber in these candies can help mitigate the blood sugar spikes typically associated with high-sugar snacks, making them a more health-conscious choice for consumers. This innovative approach aligns with a growing consumer desire for snacks that are not only tasty but also provide some nutritional benefits, reflecting a new approach to indulgence.

Remember, consuming anything in excess can be harmful. Excessive intake of fiber may cause side effects such as bloating, gas, abdominal discomfort, constipation, intestinal blockage, and impaired nutrient absorption. In the United States, the recommended daily fiber intake varies according to age and gender. The Institute of Medicine (IOM) provides general guidelines: for women under 50, it’s 25 grams per day, and for men under 50, it’s 38 grams per day.

The Verdict: A Smarter Choice?

So, are Smart Sweets a smarter choice? For those looking to reduce sugar intake without giving up candy, absolutely. They offer a delightful taste experience, with the added benefits of lower sugar and higher fiber. However, it’s worth noting that the high fiber content may not agree with everyone.

Smart Sweets has done a commendable job of crafting a line of candies that are both delicious and mindful of keeping your macros on check. While they may not replace the classic candies completely for everyone, they certainly offer a guilt-free alternative for those looking to indulge smartly. So go ahead, treat yourself to some Smart Sweets, and enjoy the sweeter side of life without the sugar overload!

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