The Legendary Foods Protein Chips Review You Need Now

The newest addition to the Legendary Foods lineup is their protein chips. If you’re an avid reader of our madness, you know we already covered their most popular items, the sweet rolls & pastries. Today is all about the new kid on the block, protein chips.

Get this: they’re popped, not fried, giving you that perfect crunch without the guilt. This isn’t just snacking, it’s a revolution in the protein game, blending top-notch nutrition with flavors that’ll blow your mind.

The Protein Powerhouse

Now, let’s delve a little deeper into this snack phenomenon. What makes Legendary Foods Protein Chips stand out in the crowded world of snacks?

First and foremost, it’s their impressive protein content. Each bag delivers a hefty 20 grams of protein, making these chips more than just a tasty treat – they’re a protein powerhouse.

Whether you’re refueling after a workout, looking for a midday pick-me-up, or just need a satisfying snack, these chips have got your back, and your muscles too.

But wait, there’s more. Not only are they rich in protein, but they’re also low in carbs and sugar. With just 4g net carbs and a minuscule 2g or less of sugar per bag, these chips are a dream come true for anyone watching that carb intake.

They’re also keto-friendly, making them a perfect fit for those on a ketogenic diet looking for a snack that won’t kick them out of ketosis.

Nutritional Breakdown

Now, let’s talk numbers. With only 4g net carbs and a mere 2g sugar per bag, these chips are a guilt-free indulgence. They’re crafted for those who keep an eye on their carb and sugar intake but still crave something savory and satisfying.

We here at Bite Bold are always looking for the best value for macros, and this calorie-to-protein ratio is unbeatable compared to other traditional chips on the market.

NutrientLegendary Foods Protein ChipsDorito’s Nacho CheeseLay’s BBQDorito’s Cool Ranch
Serving Size1 Bag (34g)12 Chips (28g)15 Chips (28g)12 Chips (28g)
Total Carbs4-5g18g16g18g
Total Fat6-7g8g9g8g
Total Sugar2g1g2g>1g
Dietary Fiber1g1g1g1g

The Crunch Factor

Legendary Foods Protein Chips are not just about their impressive protein content and low-carb appeal, but they also bring a serious game in the crunch department.

These chips are air-popped, a method known for creating a light, crispy texture that’s a delightful contrast to the usual denser, fried chips. This popping process ensures each chip is satisfyingly crunchy, but without the heaviness or oiliness often associated with traditional fried snacks.

The crunch factor of these chips is a key part of their appeal. When you bite into a Legendary Foods Protein Chip, you’re greeted with a crisp snap that’s the hallmark of a well-made snack chip.

It’s a texture that’s not only enjoyable to eat but also makes these chips feel like a genuine treat, despite their health-conscious profile. This makes them perfect for those moments when you’re craving something crunchy and satisfying but want to stay on track with your dietary goals.

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Rankings: Choose Your Flavor Fiesta

Enough small talk.

It’s time to rank the three flavors that Legendary offers: Barbecue, Ranch and Nacho Cheese.

3. Barbecue (150 calories: 20g protein, 5g carbs, 6g fat)

Welcome to the flavor rodeo, where Legendary Foods BBQ Flavor Popped Protein Chips are the star of the show. Ranking 3rd in our Legendary Snacks protein chips review, these chips are like a backyard barbecue in a bag, where every crunch brings a burst of smoky, savory goodness.

Each bag is a ticket to a flavor fiesta, packed with a delightful blend of spices that’ll make your taste buds sing.

But hold on, it’s not just about the taste – these chips are a nutritional powerhouse too. They’re popped, not fried, making them a healthier alternative to your usual fried snack options. Plus, they’re gluten-free, so almost anyone can join in the BBQ party.

2. Ranch (150 calories: 20g protein, 4g carbs, 7g fat)

The ranch flavoring is not just any ranch – it’s like the ranch of ranches. This flavor hit our ranking as the second-best flavor Legendary Snacks offers. Imagine a light, tangy, and herbaceous seasoning that dances on your taste buds.

It’s the kind of flavor that makes you pause mid-chew and think, “Wow, is this actually a protein-packed snack?”

Each chip is popped to crispy perfection, offering that satisfying crunch with every bite, making them a fantastic alternative to fried snacks.

With only 4-5g net carbs and nearly nonexistent sugar content, they’re the superheroes of the low-carb world. They’re the chips you can munch on without any of the carb-induced guilt.

1. Nacho Cheese (150 calories: 20g protein, 5g carbs, 6g fat)

If you take one thing from this post – check out the Nacho Cheese Flavor Popped Protein Chips from Legendary Foods. They’re the top dog in our review. They pack a punch with both flavor and nutrition. Think of that classic nacho cheese taste – that sharp, cheesy kick – but with a healthier angle.

They’re light, they’re airy, and they’re popped to perfection – never fried – making them a healthier alternative to your traditional nacho cheese snack. It’s the kind of flavor that makes you pause and wonder, “Am I really eating something this good for me?” Yes, you are! It’s the nacho cheese you know and love.

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Ingredient Breakdown

IngredientRole in Legendary Foods Protein Chips
Protein BlendProvides the primary source of protein.
Sodium CaseinateA milk-derived protein that adds to the overall protein content.
Milk Protein IsolateConcentrated protein from milk, enhances texture and protein content.
Calcium CaseinateA type of casein protein in milk that aids in improving texture.
Whey Protein IsolateA high-quality protein from milk, known for its high digestibility.
High Oleic Sunflower OilUsed for cooking; provides a healthier fat content.
Brown Rice ProteinPlant-based protein source, adds to the overall protein content.
Natural FlavorsAdds flavor to the chips without artificial additives.
SugarUsed in small amounts to enhance flavor.
Soluble Corn FiberActs as a dietary fiber, contributing to the texture and fiber content.
Tomato PowderAdds a tangy tomato flavor.
Onion PowderEnhances flavor with a subtle onion taste.
SaltUsed for seasoning and enhancing overall flavor.
SpiceAdds depth and complexity to the flavor profile.
PaprikaProvides a sweet and mild pepper flavor.
Garlic PowderAdds a rich and aromatic garlic flavor.
YeastEnhances flavor, often adding a savory note.
Yeast ExtractA natural flavor enhancer, often used to create a savory umami taste.
Xanthan GumA thickening agent that helps in maintaining the texture of the chips.
Brown SugarAdds a slight sweetness and richness to the flavor profile.
Paprika Extract (Color)Natural coloring agent derived from paprika to enhance visual appeal.
Sunflower LecithinActs as an emulsifier, ensuring consistency in texture and mixture.
Contains MilkIndicates the presence of milk-derived ingredients for allergen information.

Price and Store Locations

Legendary Foods Protein Chips vary depending on the pack size and flavor, with a 7-pack of either Ranch or barbecue-flavored chips typically priced at around $22.99.

For those looking to purchase these chips, Legendary Foods has made them available through various channels. You can find them easily on their official website,, where they offer all of their flavors and pack sizes. Additionally, the website features a store locator tool to help customers find physical retail locations where Legendary Foods products are stocked.

Walmart, Costco, and Target supermarket shelves all carry these Protein Chips.

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The Verdict

So, are Legendary Foods Protein Chips worth the hype? Absolutely.

They’re a game-changer in the world of snacks. Whether you’re living a macro-friendly lifestyle, keto diet, gluten-free, or just looking for a healthier snack option, these chips are a must-try. They’re a perfect blend of nutrition, flavor, and all-important crunch. Grab a bag, and let your taste buds have a little party.

🌐 FAQ’s

  • Are Legendary Foods Protein Chips a good macro-friendly snack? Yes, their Protein Chips are a good macro-friendly snack, offering a balance of high protein(20g per bag), low net carbs(4-5g), and minimal sugar(0-2g​​​​​).
  • Are Legendary Foods Protein Chips vegan? No, their Protein Chips are not vegan as they contain dairy-based proteins such as sodium caseinate, milk protein isolate, calcium caseinate, and whey protein isolate.
  • Are Legendary Foods Protein Chips healthy? These Protein Chips can be considered healthy due to their lower calories, high protein content, low net carbs, and minimal sugar, fitting well into a balanced and low-carb diet​​​​​​​​.
  • Is Legendary Foods Protein Chips keto? Yes, Legendary Foods Protein Chips are keto-friendly, with each serving containing 4-5 net carbs​​​​​.

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