Three Wishes High Protein Cereal Review: A Better Choice?

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Three Wishes isn’t just another cereal; it’s a game-changer in the breakfast ring. Created by Margaret and Ian Wishingard, this brand throws a knockout punch to those typical, sugar-loaded cereals. They’re here to shake things up with their high-protein, low-sugar, and grain-free formula – hitting the sweet spot for health nuts and sugar-craving kids alike.

No fluff, just stuff that matters: their cereals pack a nutritious punch without skimping on taste. It’s the kind of stuff you’d want to wolf down first thing in the morning. And guess what? Big players like Whole Foods and Sprouts have already jumped on the bandwagon, proving these guys are onto something big.

Gluten-free warriors, rejoice – Three Wishes has got you covered too. So, let’s dive deep and see if this underdog can become the champion of your breakfast table.

What is Three Wishes Cereal Made Of?

Here’s a table chart detailing the primary ingredients of Three Wishes Cereal. We are highlighting how they contribute to its grain-free and gluten-free properties, and comparing them to traditional cereals:

IngredientRole in Three Wishes CerealComparison to Traditional Cereals
ChickpeasMain ingredient, provides protein and gluten-free baseTraditional cereals often use wheat, rice, or corn, which contain gluten and are higher in carbs
TapiocaAdds texture and binding propertiesLess commonly used in traditional cereals, which often rely on wheat-based binders
Pea ProteinIncreases protein contentTraditional cereals generally have lower protein content, unless fortified
Organic Cane SugarSweetens with a natural sourceMany traditional cereals use refined sugars or high-fructose corn syrup
Monk FruitNatural sweetener, enhances flavor with no added sugarRarely found in traditional cereals, which often use artificial sweeteners
Sea SaltEnhances flavorCommon in both traditional and health-focused cereals
Natural FlavorsProvides specific cereal flavorsUsed in both types but may differ in source and composition

Is Three Wishes Cereal Healthy?

Packing a solid 8 grams of protein per bowl, it’s not just breakfast, it’s muscle fuel that keeps you full without the crash. And sugar? Only 3 grams. That’s not a typo. While most cereals are drowning in the sweet stuff, Three Wishes is keeping it real low, perfect for those watching their sugar levels or just trying to cut back.

No artificial nonsense here. This cereal is as real as it gets, made from chickpeas – yeah, you heard that right. It’s gluten-free and grain-free, hitting the sweet spot for those with gluten issues or anyone who’s over grains. It’s not just about what’s in it, though; it’s about what’s not in it.

Now, let’s pit it against those household name brands. We’re talking about a throwdown in the cereal aisle. Ready to see if Three Wishes can take the title? Let’s roll.

Cereal BrandProteinTotal CarbsTotal SugarServing SizeCalories (per serving)Total Fat
Three Wishes8g17-20g0g35g120-130cal5-8g
Rice Krispies3g36g4g40g150cal0g
Honey Nut Cheerios5g29g2g39g140cal2.5g
Cocoa Puffs1g23g9g27g100cal1.5g
Special K7g29g5g39g150cal0.5g
Lucky Charms3g30g12g36g140cal1.5g
Cinnamon Toast Crunch2g33g12g41g170cal4g
Kellogg’s Froot Loops2g34g12g39g150cal1.5g
Cap’n Crunch2g33g16g38g150cal2g
Frosted Flakes2g33g12g37g130cal0g
To see the full traditional values of each Three Wishes Cereal, take a look at the chart towards the bottom of the page.

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Ranking System

When it comes to ranking Three Wishes cereals, we’re not messing around. We’ve got a no-BS system that zeroes in on what really matters: taste, texture, and whether it leaves you feeling satisfied.

First up, taste. This is the make-or-break deal. We’re not just talking about whether it’s good or not; we’re digging into the flavor balance, richness, and how it stacks up against what you expect. If it doesn’t hit the mark, we’re calling it out.

Texture’s next on the chopping block. A great cereal needs that crunch factor, something that doesn’t turn to mush the second it hits milk. We’re all about how it feels when you’re chomping down.

And then there’s the big question: does it actually satisfy you? We’re looking at whether it keeps you full, fits into a health-conscious diet with its high-protein, low-sugar cred, and if it’s something you’d genuinely recommend to your gym buddy or your grandma.

By tearing into these aspects, we’re laying it all out there – giving you the straight-up, no-frills lowdown on Three Wishes cereals, so you know exactly what you’re getting into.

Which Flavor Takes the Crown?

7. Strawberry

In the lineup of Three Wishes cereals, the Strawberry flavor’s trailing at the back of the pack. It’s trying to hit that sweet spot of classic strawberry cereal, but let’s just say it’s not exactly nailing it. The strawberry flavor? It’s like a whisper when you’re expecting a shout – not really packing that berry punch you’re after.

Texture-wise, it’s marching to its own beat, which might throw you off if you’re a fan of traditional cereal textures. It’s different, and not necessarily in a ‘breakthrough innovation’ kind of way. Overall, this flavor doesn’t quite stack up to the others in the Three Wishes lineup. It’s like the underdog that couldn’t quite keep up.

Sure, Three Wishes is on point with the health creds – high protein, low sugar, no grains – but when it comes to delivering on that strawberry dream, it’s a bit of a swing and a miss. Might just be our taste buds so give it a try for yourself.

6. Fruity

In the cereal showdown, Three Wishes’ Fruity flavor is kinda hanging in there, grabbing the sixth spot out of seven. It’s rolling up to the breakfast scene trying to muscle in on the classic fruity cereal turf but with a health-conscious twist. But here’s the deal: it’s not quite sticking the landing.

The flavor? It’s fruity, sure, but it’s like hitting a single when you need a home run. Compared to the heavy hitters in the fruity cereal league, it’s just not up to snuff. And the crunch factor? They’re aiming for gold, but landing more on bronze. It’s not bad; it just doesn’t make you go, “Wow.”

Bottom line: Three Wishes’ Fruity cereal is giving it a good shot, trying to blend that health vibe with taste. But in the big leagues of flavor, texture, and that ‘heck yeah’ breakfast experience, it’s not quite making champion status. It’s a valiant effort, but in this game, it’s not just about showing up – it’s about blowing the doors off. Want to try?

5. Unsweetened

Three Wishes’ Unsweetened cereal, landing smack in the middle at 5th place, is like the stoic warrior of the cereal world. It’s not here to dazzle you with sugary fireworks; it’s here for those who want breakfast on their own terms. No sugar? No problem. This is for the purists, the DIY breakfast maestros who like to call their own shots with sweeteners.

Flavor-wise, it’s as unadorned as it gets. We’re talking bare-bones, natural, no frills. Perfect for those who want to taste their cereal, not a spoonful of sugar, or for those who get creative with fruits and nuts. Crunch is on point, sticking to Three Wishes’ rep for delivering texture that doesn’t turn to mush.

But let’s be real: if you’re looking for that hit of classic cereal sweetness right out of the box, this might not be your jam.

It’s more like the quiet guy at the party – not the flashiest, but solid once you get to know it. It’s an honest bowl, no sweet talk, just straight-up cereal that lets you steer the flavor ship.

4. Cocoa

Cocoa snags 4th place in our cereal rumble. It’s trying to hit that sweet spot of chocolatey goodness, but with a health-kick twist. Flavor-wise, it’s in the game – you’ve got that cocoa taste, but it’s not the chocolate tsunami you might be craving. It’s more like cocoa with a light touch.

Now, the texture – that’s where it gets interesting. It’s got that crunch, but it’s not just following the same old cereal playbook. It’s doing its own thing, which is kinda cool. Overall, it’s a decent player. For the folks looking to chow down on something chocolaty without the guilt trip of sugar and grains, it’s a solid bet.

But here’s the catch: if you’re on the hunt for that rich, all-in, chocoholic experience, this might not take you all the way. It’s like a healthy nod to cocoa, not a full-on chocolate party. Good for the health-conscious chocolate fans, sure, but if your dream is a bowl of decadent, luxurious cocoa, you might be left wanting more.

If you want to give your own go at it, check current prices on Amazon.

3. Honey

Honey ranks third in our ratings, showcasing a commendable balance of flavor, texture, and overall satisfaction. This particular variety successfully captures the essence of traditional honey-flavored cereals but with that twist you’re all here for.

The honey flavor is noticeable yet not overpowering, offering a sweet and comforting taste that many find appealing. In terms of texture, this cereal strikes a pleasant balance – it’s neither too hard nor too soft, providing a satisfying crunch that holds up well in milk.

Overall, it garners positive feedback for its enjoyable taste and texture, along with the added benefits of being high in protein, low in sugar, and grain-free. While not topping our list, the Honey flavor from Three Wishes stands out as a delightful and health-conscious choice for those seeking a sweet but nutritious breakfast option.

2. Frosted

Three Wishes’ Frosted flavor is killing it at second place in our cereal smackdown. It’s like the classic frosted cereal got a badass makeover – tasty without tipping into sugar-overload territory.

The texture? Spot on. It’s got that crunch factor that’ll take you back to the good old days of cereal crunching, but it’s not like chewing on rocks. It’s just right – crisp, satisfying, and doesn’t go soggy the second it hits milk.

People are loving this stuff. It’s hitting that sweet spot of guilt-free pleasure. High protein, low sugar, no grains – it’s like the cereal of your dreams if you’re trying to eat right but still want to enjoy your breakfast. Check current prices on Amazon.

1. Cinnamon

Cinnamon clinches the top spot in our cereal showdown. This isn’t just another cinnamon cereal; it’s a masterclass in flavor balance. The cinnamon hits you with that cozy, warm vibe, but it’s not just a one-note wonder. It’s got the perfect mix of sweet and spice – like a cinnamon symphony in your mouth.

The texture? It’s knocking it out of the park. Crunchy in all the right ways, it reminds you of the cereals you grew up with but without the health baggage. It’s like they took the classic cereal playbook and rewrote it for the health-conscious era.

People are raving about this stuff. It’s ticking all the boxes – taste, texture, and that feel-good factor. High in protein, low in sugar, and grain-free, it’s like Three Wishes looked at what makes a great cereal and dialed it up to eleven.

You have to give our top choice a try and decide for yourself!

FlavorCalories per ServingProteinTotal FatCarbohydratesSugars

This table provides an overview, but for precise nutritional information, we recommend to refer to the packaging of each specific flavor or visit the brand’s official website for detailed nutritional fact

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Is Three Wishes Cereal Macro-Friendly?

It’s not just breakfast; it’s a tactical move for those serious about their macros. Remember, we’re talking 8 grams of protein per serving and only 3 grams of sugar. You’re cutting the crap without cutting the taste.

When we size up a food for being macro-friendly, we’re not just counting calories; we’re looking for that perfect trifecta: solid protein, low sugar, and real ingredients. That’s where this cereal knocks it out of the park. Made from chickpeas, it’s gluten-free, grain-free, and clean as they come. It fills you up, fuels your body, and tastes damn good doing it.

Whether you’re a fitness fanatic tracking every macro or just trying to eat a bit healthier, Three Wishes Cereal is more than a match. It’s a heavyweight contender in a world of sugar-packed featherweights.

Is Three Wishes Cereal Vegan?

Every box screams vegan power – no animal ingredients, no dairy, no nonsense. For the plant-based warriors out there, this is your breakfast champion.

No milk, no dairy by-products – it’s a dairy-free zone. If your body or conscience says no to animal products, Three Wishes is shouting a big ‘yes’ back. It’s more than safe; it’s a statement in your bowl.

And for those who give the side-eye to GMOs, relax. Three Wishes is non-GMO. It’s like a health-conscious badge of honor. This cereal isn’t just about checking boxes; it’s about smashing them. Vegan, non-GMO, and ready to rumble in a market flooded with ‘health’ foods that don’t walk the talk.

Whether you’re vegan, anti-GMO, or just want to start your day with a clean slate, this is your wake-up call.

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Where to Buy Three Wishes Cereal?

Three Wishes Cereal isn’t hiding in some niche corner; it’s out there where you can’t miss it. Brick and mortar? Check Whole Foods Market – that’s where the health-savvy crowd hangs out, and Three Wishes is right there with them.

Online more your style? The Amazon store Three Wishes has is here to save the day. All their flavors are typically available on Amazon.

The point is, you’ve got options. Check the latest figures online or stroll into a store and see for yourself. Three Wishes isn’t playing hard to get; it’s right there, ready for the taking.

Three Wishes Cereal Customer Review

Don’t just listen to us. Listen to what the masses are saying. Three Wishes Cereal has been able to garner positive reviews and customer feedback, particularly for its taste, texture, and overall satisfaction. We’re no different.

Most people appreciate the cereal’s health-conscious formulation, which doesn’t compromise on taste. The high protein content, low sugar, and grain-free aspects are frequently praised, with many noting that it’s a great alternative for those seeking a healthier breakfast option without losing the enjoyable cereal experience.

Flavor favorites among consumers include Vanilla Frosted and Cinnamon (exactly what we stated), with many highlighting their delicious taste that rivals traditional sugary cereals.

As for texture, Three Wishes Cereal manages to maintain a pleasing crunch, a crucial aspect for cereal enthusiasts.

Let’s Wrap It Up

Wrapping it up, Three Wishes Cereal isn’t just another option on the shelf; it’s a bright spot in the cereal world, especially for the health-focused crowd. It’s like they took the usual cereal formula, tossed it out, and started from scratch with high-protein, low-sugar, and no grain or gluten. Chickpeas in your cereal? That’s not crazy; it’s genius.

This stuff is hitting home runs for everyone – vegans, the dairy-free gang, and anyone tired of sugar-loaded breakfasts. People are digging it for its taste, its crunch, and the way it doesn’t leave you feeling guilty after a bowl.

And let’s not forget the flavor innovations. That’s not just playing it safe; that’s swinging for the fences. Three Wishes is nailing that sweet spot between damn good taste and solid nutrition. If you’re hunting for a cereal that’s as tasty as it is healthy, your search might just end here.

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