Unreal Snacks Review: Make Your New Keto Snack?

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Unreal Snacks is not just a brand; it’s a revolution in the world of snacking. Founded by two teenage brothers with a mission to “unjunk” the world, Unreal Snacks is all about transforming our guilty pleasures into guilt-free delights.

Their journey began with a simple yet profound goal: to create indulgent snacks without compromising on health or taste. They’re a beacon of hope for snack lovers everywhere, proving that you can indeed have your cake (or candy) and eat it too!

They’re all in on the organic game – using straightforward, earth-friendly, non-GMO stuff. What you get is a snack that’s damn good for you, the environment, and respects farmers.

It’s more than just chowing down on something that tastes good. Unreal Snacks is redefining the snack game – making what’s healthy not just tolerable, but something you actually crave. When you rip open an Unreal snack, you’re joining a revolution where eating well doesn’t mean eating bland.

Is Unreal Candy Healthy?

Picture this: you’re craving something sweet, but you want to keep it on the healthier side. Enter Unreal Candy, the caped crusader of the confectionery world!

Parts of Unreal’s product line swoops in with up to 51% less sugar than leading brands, making it a lower-calorie, lower-sugar superhero in the world of sweets​​. But wait, there’s more.

The ingredients list reads like a who’s who of health-conscious choices: organic, sustainable, and non-GMO. It’s like they’ve gathered the Avengers of ingredients to save your snack time. We’ll get into the specifics of ingredients of each product, but you’re damn right they’re doing it better.

Nutritionally, while some varieties like the Milk Chocolate Gems have a C grade on the health scale, they still offer a better option than many sugar-packed villains lurking in the candy aisle​​​​.

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Is Unreal Candy Keto?

Dive into the delicious dilemma of Unreal Candy and its place in the keto cosmos. Is it a keto knight or a carb conundrum? Let’s unwrap the mystery. While Unreal Candy’s mouthwatering dark chocolate coconut bars might tantalize your taste buds, they aren’t officially “keto-approved.”

Each bar contains a modest 3g of sugar and 7g net carbs, suggesting that they could sneak into a keto diet like a ninja in the night – but only if you’re counting those carbs like a treasure hunter counts gold coins!

For the strict keto adventurers, tread carefully; for those on a keto journey with a bit more wiggle room, Unreal Candy could be that rare gem, offering a sweet escape without a carb-heavy price tag.

Unreal Gems

Nutrition Facts: How do they stack up against the OG’s?

When comparing Unreal Snacks to their competitors, it’s evident that their nutritional content is quite comparable. M&M emerges as a significant competitor, primarily due to its popularity. However, the standout in this sweet rivalry is Quest Chocolatey Peanut, which excels with its high protein and low sugar offering.

This positions Quest as a strong contender in the healthy snack market. Unreal Gems are facing stiff competition, and ultimately, it’s the consumers’ palates and health preferences that will decide the victor in this tasty battle.

Yes, the nutrition facts are similar. Where Unreal shines is its ingredients. Keep reading.

Nutritional AspectDark Chocolate Peanut GemsCrispy Quinoa GemsMilk Chocolate GemsPeanut M&M’sMilk Chocolate M&M’sQuest Chocolatey PeanutReese’s Pieces
Serving Size13 Pieces (30g)36 Pieces (30g)36 Pieces (30g)12 Pieces (28g)32 Pieces (28g)1 Pack (49g)38 Pieces (30g)
Total Fat10g8g8g8g5g13g7g
Total Carbohydrates16g19g18g17g21g23g19g
Total Sugars13g15g14g14g18g1g16g

Ingredient Breakdown

Ingredient CategorySpecific Ingredients
Milk Chocolate– Organic Chocolate Liquor
– Cocoa Butter
– Nonfat Milk
– Whole Milk Powder
– Cane Sugar*
– Organic Blue Agave Inulin
– Sunflower Lecithin
– Vanilla
Sweeteners– Organic Cane Sugar
– Organic Tapioca Syrup
Binding Agents– Gum Acacia
Coloring– Turmeric
– Beet Juice
– Spirulina Extract
– Red Radish Juice
Coating– Carnauba Wax

Unreal Dark Chocolate Peanut Gems

​Welcome to the enchanting world of Unreal Dark Chocolate Peanut Gems, where every bite is a journey into a realm of pure, unadulterated delight.

These gems are vegan, waving the flag of plant-based pride high and mighty. Dairy-free? Absolutely, because who needs dairy when you can have the creamy richness of dark chocolate? Soy-free and non-GMO? You bet because these little wonders are all about keeping things as natural as a walk in the forest.

And preservative-free? Of course! These gems are like a treasure chest of purity, made with high-quality ingredients that need no artificial fillers to make them shine.

Every gem is a promise of Unreal’s commitment to healthful indulgence, proving that you don’t need to compromise on taste to enjoy a healthier treat. Check current prices on Amazon.

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Unreal Crispy Quinoa Gems

Unreal Crispy Quinoa Gems are a delightful twist on traditional candy-coated chocolates, offering a unique and healthier alternative. They bring together the rich, velvety flavor of dark chocolate with the subtle crunch of crispy quinoa, creating a symphony of textures in every bite.

Made with vegan and gluten-free ingredients, they cater to a wide range of dietary preferences, ensuring that everyone can indulge without compromise.

Whether you’re a chocolate aficionado or a health-conscious snacker, Unreal Crispy Quinoa Gems are sure to satisfy your cravings with their unique combination of taste and nutrition. The value bag is the best bang for your buck.

Unreal Milk Chocolate Gems

Unreal Milk Chocolate Gems are a delightful treat for those seeking a healthier alternative to their chocolate indulgence. These gems are not just about satisfying your sweet tooth; they’re a testament to Unreal’s commitment to better-for-you snacking.

Combining creamy milk chocolate with a crispy shell. Perfect for those who love traditional chocolate candies but are conscious about ingredient quality and ethical sourcing, Unreal Milk Chocolate Gems bring a burst of joy and flavor, with the bonus of responsible indulgence.

Give this no sugar a beast a try. Unreal’s website gives you the best deal.

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Unreal Butter Cups

Nutrition Facts: Beat The Traditional Chocolate Cups?

Unreal Snacks’ Dark Chocolate Butter Cups are facing a tough race in the confectionery market. They hold their own in terms of nutritional content compared to similar products.

Their distinctive edge lies in their commitment to clean, vegan ingredients, setting them apart from many competitors. In a comparison with well-known brands like Reese’s, it’s evident that Reese’s falls behind, notably higher in fat, carbs, sodium, and sugar.

Brands like Quest and Atkins take the lead in terms of lower sugar content, presenting a strong challenge. Ultimately, while Unreal Snacks brings something unique with its health-conscious approach, the true test comes down to personal taste and preference.

Trying them out for yourself is the best way to decide which brand tops the list in terms of flavor and overall appeal.

Nutritional AspectDark Chocolate Peanut Butter CupsDark Chocolate Almond Butter CupsReese’s Peanut Butter CupsAtkins Keto Peanut Butter CupsQuest Peanut Butter Cups
Serving Size1 Cup (15g)1 Cup (15g)1 Cup (21g)1 Cup (30g)1 Cup (21g)
Total Fat6g6g6.5g14g7g
Total Carbohydrates8g8g24g12g6g
Total Sugars5g5g21g<1g<1g

Ingredient Breakdown

Ingredient CategorySpecific Ingredients
Dark Chocolate– Chocolate Liquor
– Cane Sugar
– Cocoa Butter
– Vanilla
Main Filling– Organic Peanuts
Sweeteners– Organic Cane Sugar
– Organic Blue Agave Inulin
Oil– Organic Palm Oil (Sustainably Sourced)
Flour– Organic Peanut Flour
Additional Ingredients– Sea Salt
– Sunflower Lecithin

Unreal Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

Unreal Snacks Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups are a hit among customers who crave a healthier yet indulgent treat. These cups blend the rich, creamy texture of peanut butter with the slightly firm but smooth dark chocolate, creating a satisfying balance of flavors.

Most importantly – not overly bitter, complementing the smooth and tasty peanut butter filling.

The snack is celebrated for its real ingredients, steering clear of anything artificial, and is packed with flavor, not sugar.

The general sentiment among customers is positive, particularly for those looking for a less sweet, more chocolate-focused peanut butter cup experience. While some find them a bit pricey, the quality and taste often justify the cost, making them a valued addition to the snack collection. Get the value bag here.

Unreal Dark Chocolate Almond Butter Cups

Unreal Snacks Dark Chocolate Almond Butter Cups are celebrated for the perfect pairing of creamy almond butter with rich dark chocolate, striking a balance that satisfies both the sweet tooth and the desire for real, wholesome ingredients.

We want to highlight the fact that these almond butter cups are made with only real ingredients and contain no artificial additives, emphasizing Unreal’s commitment to natural and quality components.

The reduced sugar content appeals to those looking to enjoy a sweet treat without the guilt associated with traditional high-sugar candies. Moreover, these almond butter cups are certified vegan and gluten-free, making them a popular choice among those with specific dietary preferences or restrictions.

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Unreal Bars

Nutrition Facts: How Does It Compare?

Unreal Snacks chocolate bars significantly outshine conventional chocolate bars in terms of nutritional content.

By offering fewer calories and reduced sugar per serving, Unreal chocolate bars have a substantial advantage over typical candy bars. This reduction in sugar and calories doesn’t compromise on taste.

Moreover, these bars are crafted with quality, sustainably sourced ingredients, emphasizing Unreal Snacks’ commitment to both health and environmental responsibility. We do love a good chocolate bar here at Bite Bold and can recommend you add this to your snack cabinet with confidence.

Nutritional AspectDark Chocolate Coconut BarDark Chocolate Caramel Peanut Nougat BarSnickersTwixButter FingersMilky Way
Serving Size1 Bar (15g)1 Bar (19g)1 Fun/Snack Size Bar (17g)1 Bar (24g)1 Fun Size Bar (19g)1 Fun/Snack Size (17g)
Total Fat5g4.5g4.1g6g3.5g2.9g
Total Carbohydrates8g11g10g16g13g12g
Total Sugars3g6g8.6g12g8.5g10g

Ingredient Breakdown

Ingredient CategorySpecific Ingredients
Sweetener– Organic Cassava Syrup
Dark Chocolate– Cocoa Beans
– Cane Sugar
– Cocoa Butter
– Sunflower Lecithin
– Vanilla Beans
Nuts and Protein Sources– Organic Peanuts
– Almonds
– Organic Pea Protein
– Cashews (less than 0.5%)
– Organic Grass-Fed Whey Protein
Additional Sweeteners– Organic Cane Sugar
– Organic Powdered Sugar
Oil and Fats– Organic Palm Oil**
Flavorings and Seasonings– Vanilla Extract
– Sea Salt
Emulsifiers and Binders– Sunflower Lecithin
Flour– Organic Spelt Flour

Unreal Coconut Bar

The Unreal Dark Chocolate Coconut Bars are crafted with a focus on simple, high-quality ingredients that cater to both taste and health consciousness.

At the heart of these coconut bars is the rich, tropical flavor of coconut, providing a natural sweetness and a chewy texture that pairs exceptionally well with the luxurious dark chocolate coating. This combination delivers a satisfying contrast between the creamy, soft coconut interior and the crisp, slightly bitter dark chocolate exterior.

Unreal Snacks has made a commendable effort to ensure these coconut bars are not just delicious but also cater to various dietary needs and ethical considerations. Notably, they contain only 3 grams of sugar per serving, significantly lower than many traditional chocolate bars.

The use of organic and non-GMO ingredients, along with sustainably sourced organic palm oil, reflects their commitment to environmental sustainability and responsible sourcing. Additionally, the absence of artificial sweeteners, stevia, or alcohol sugars makes them a preferred choice for those avoiding certain additives.

These coconut bars come in different packaging options, including standard bags, grab-and-go box XL bars, and value bags, making them convenient for various occasions – whether it’s a quick snack, a treat for a gathering, or a stock-up option for that daily kick.

Unreal Caramel Peanut Nougat Bar

The Unreal Snacks Dark Chocolate Caramel Peanut Nougat Bar is a sumptuous treat that redefines the traditional candy bar experience. This bar is a layered delight, starting with a base of chewy nougat, which provides a soft and sweet foundation. The nougat is topped with a generous layer of smooth caramel that adds a rich, buttery sweetness.

The entire confection is enrobed in Fair Trade dark chocolate, which balances the sweetness with its slightly bitter, deep cocoa flavor. The dark chocolate not only complements the other components but also adds a refined touch to the overall taste profile.

This bar stands out for its commitment to using only real ingredients and avoiding artificial additives. The focus on quality ingredients, such as Fair Trade chocolate, and the absence of artificial sweeteners, make it a more health-conscious choice compared to many traditional candy bars.

Think Snickers, but with a healthier twist.

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Where do you buy Unreal Candy?

Embarking on the quest for Unreal Candy? You’re in luck, as these delightful treats are just a click or a stroll away.

Your best bet is to order directly from their website, if you are going for the best price.

Amazon also offers a wide variety of Unreal Candy options right at your fingertips​​.

Prefer to see your sweets before you buy them? Head over to Walmart, where the shelves are lined with these chocolatey delights, ready for you to grab and g​​o. Target also joins the party, offering an array of Unreal Candy in their Chocolate Candy section – perfect for when you’re out and about​​.

And if you’re still wondering where to find these gems, Unreal’s website offers a handy store locator to help you find the nearest goldmine. So whether you’re a fan of online convenience or love the experience of a store visit, getting your hands on Unreal Candy is as easy as pie, or should we say, as easy as chocolate!

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Unreal Snacks has successfully carved out a niche in the healthier snack segment. Their commitment to using real ingredients, free from artificial additives, partially hydrogenated oils, and corn syrup, has resonated well with health-conscious consumers. Reviews consistently praise the brand for maintaining great taste while lowering sugar, calories, fat, and carbs compared to traditional candy options.

Products like the Nougat Bars, Peanut Butter Cups, and Coconut Bars have been particularly highlighted for their delicious flavors and quality ingredients. The consensus among reviewers is that Unreal Snacks offers a guilt-free way to indulge in sweet treats without compromising on taste or quality.

By balancing health with flavor, Unreal Snacks has positioned itself as a favorite for those seeking a healthier alternative to conventional candies.

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