You Need This: Approved List of Macro-Friendly Costco Finds

Did you know that a trip to Costco can be like embarking on a treasure hunt, except the treasures are bulk-sized and surprisingly affordable? First off, Costco is HUGE – like, a football field huge. And it’s not just the size; this warehouse wonderland has its quirks.

Ever noticed how Costco’s layout feels like a maze? That’s no accident. It’s designed to make you wander and discover items you never knew you needed (but now can’t live without). Instead of walking around and around a football field trying to find the best macro-friendly finds, we did all the work for you. Are you ready?

Discover Your Macro-Friendly Costco Shopping List

Get ready for a journey through the aisles of Costco with a twist. Our guide is all about uncovering the most macro-friendly treasures that Costco has to offer. We understand that shopping for health-conscious options can sometimes be hard to pinpoint, so we’re here to make it a breeze for you.

We’ve organized everything into handy categories: proteins, carbs, refrigerated goodies, frozen delights, snacks, fresh meats, fruits and veggies, and even drinks. We included the size it comes in as well as the serving size. So, let’s dive into Costco’s world of healthy, bulk-sized wonders and make your shopping experience both fun and nutritionally savvy.

All the nutritional information provided here has been sourced directly from the official Costco website.

Grocery List


Ready for some top-notch protein finds from Costco? We hand-picked an array of protein-packed items. These items made the list not only because of the fabulous protein content but because they actually taste good.

  • PB Fit Powdered Peanut Butter – (Per 1 Tbsp (8g)) 35 Calories, 4g Protein, 1g Fat, 3g Carbs
  • Fairlife Chocolate Protein Shake 18 Pack – (1 Bottle) 150 Calories, 30g Protein, 2.5g Fat, 4 Carbs
  • Kirkland Chunk Chicken Breast 6 Pack – (2oz Serving Size) 60 Calories, 13g Protein, 1g Fat, 0g Carbs
  • Kodiak Buttermilk Flapjack and Waffle Mix 4.5lb – (63g Serving Size) 220 Calories, 15g Protein, 2.5g Fat, 37g Carbs

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Get set to carb-load with style. We’ve scoured the vast expanse of Costco to bring you a curated list of the best carbohydrate-rich yet low-calorie foods. This isn’t just about energy; it’s about delicious, wholesome, and satisfying options to keep you going.

  • Miracle Noodle (3oz Serving Size) – 5 Calories, 0g Protein, 0g Fat, 3g Carbs
  • Mission Carb Balance (1 Tortilla) – 70 Calories, 5g Protein, 3g Fat, 19g Carbs
  • Dave’s Killer Bread Whole Grains and Seeds – (1 Piece) 110 Calories, 5g Protein, 1.5g Fat, 22g carbs
  • Lundberg Organic Short Grain Brown Rice, 12 lbs – (Serving Size 1/4 Cup) 150 Calories, 3g Protein, 1.5g Fat, 35g Carbs
  • Kirkland Signature Organic Quinoa, 4.5 lbs – (Serving Size 1/4 Cup) 160 Calories, 6g Protein, 2.5g Fat, 28g Carbs


We know the refrigerator section of Costco can get cold, so we curated this macro-friendly list so you don’t have to sit there and look at the macros one by one. This chilly haven is stocked with a variety of options that are perfect and most importantly, easy. Give these a try and you’ll want them on your shopping list every time.

  • Kirkland Organic Unsweetened Almond Milk Vanilla 6 Count – (Per Serving) 30 Calories, 1g Protein, 3g Fat, 1g Carbs
  • Kirkland Cage Free Egg Whites 6 Count – (Per Serving) 25 calories, 5g Protein, 0g Fat, 0g Carbs
  • Egg Life Everything Bagel Egg White Wraps – (Per Wrap) 35 Calories, 6g protein, 0g fat, <1g carbs
  • Columbus Hickory Smoked Uncured Turkey Bacon 40oz (40 Servings Per Container) – (1oz Per Serving) 45 calories, 6g Protein, 2g Fat, 0g Carbs
  • Hillshare Farm Turkey Breast 33oz (18 Servings Per Container) – (52g Per Serving) 50 Calories, 10g Protein, 0.5g Fat, <1g Carbs
  • Kirkland Organic Hard-Boiled Eggs (16 – 2 Packs) – (1 Egg) 68 Calories, 6g protein, 4g Fat, 0g Carbs)
  • SeaBear Smoked Salmon (3 Servings) – (2oz Per Serving) 80 Calories, 14g Protein, 2.5g Fat, 0g Carbs
  • Kirkland Smoked Salmon (6 Servings Per Container) – (Serving Size 20z/2 slices) – 110 Calories, 11g Protein, 7g Fat, 0g Carbs
  • Kirkland Organic Hummus (Per Tub) – 160 calories, 4g Protein, 12g Fat, 10g Carbs
  • Kirkland Smoked Pulled Pork (32oz Per Container) – (3oz Serving Size) 160 Calories, 16g Protein, 11g Fat, 1g Carbs
  • Sabatino’s Paleo Organic Basil & Cracked Black Pepper Chicken Sausage (12 Sausage Per Container) – (Per Sausage) 160 Calories, 16g protein, 9g fat, 1g carbs
  • Amylu Turkey Burgers (8 Patties Per Container) – (1 Patty) 170 calories, 21g protein, 8g Fay, 4g Carbs
  • Amylu Caramelized Onion & Aged White Cheddar Charbroiled Chicken Burger (8 Patties Per Container) – (1 Patty) 170 Calories, 15g Protein, 9g Fat, 3g Carbs

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Imagine having a treasure trove of deliciousness just waiting to be awakened with a sizzle in the pan, a whirl in the microwave, or a quick trip to the oven.

Every item is a ticket to an easy, nutritious, and perfectly balanced meal that’s ready whenever you are. Slide into this icy aisle and keep an eye out for these frozen delights that will make your meal prep a breeze.

  • Kirkland Tail- Off Shrimp (8 Servings Per Container) – (8 Shrimps Per serving) 90 Calories, 22g Protein, 0.5g Fat, 0g Carbs
  • Jones Dairy Farm Organic Chicken Sausage (15 Sausage Per Container) – (1 Sausage) 100 calories, 9g Protein, 7g Fat, 0g Carbs
  • Tyson Rotisserie Chicken (16 Serving Per Container) – (3oz Serving Size) 110 Calories, 17g Protein, 3.5g Fat, 2g Carbs 
  • Kirkland Chicken Breast Chunks (22 Servings Per Container) – (3oz Serving Size) 140 Calories, 16g Protein, 5g Fat, 9g Carbs
  • Just Bare Nuggets (22 Servings Per Container) – (3oz Serving Size) 160 Calories, 16g Protein, 5g Fat, 9g Carbs 
  • Kirkland Signature Lean Ground Beef, 91% Lean 1lb Chub – (4oz Per Serving) 180 Calories, 23g Protein, 10g Fat, 0g Carbs
  • Red’s Egg’wich Turkey Sausage 8 Pack – (1 Sandwich) 190 Calories, 17g Protein, 12g Fat, 3g Carbs

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This is my favorite part of grocery shopping. The snack aisle is always where we give in because everything looks so good. When we choose the wrong things, we feel it later after scarfing it down.

Let’s enjoy some snacks without feeling guilty when those munchies kick in. Here’s our list of snacks to splurge on. We looked for low-calorie options and when we found a kick of protein in there, we sure as hell added that to the list.

  • Oikos Triple Zero Greek Yogurt Variety Pack (18 Cups Per Container) – (Per cup) 110 calories, 15g Protein, 0g Fat, 13g Carbs)
  • (FROZEN) Yasso Greek Yogurt Bars Mint Chocolate Chip (15 Bars Per Container) – (1 Bar) 100 cal, 5g protein, 2g fat, 16g carbs
  • Quaker Rice Crisps, Variety Pack, 36-Count – (1 Bag) 80 Calories, 1g Protein, 3g Fat, 13g Carbs
  • Kirkland Protein Bar, Variety Pack – Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough- Chocolate Brownie – (1 Bar) 190 Calories, 21g Protein, 6g Fat, 22g Carbs
  • Simply Protein Crispy Bars, Variety Pack – (1 Bar) 150 Calories, 15g Protein, 4.5g Fat, 14g Carbs
  • Prevail Grass Fed Beef Jerky, Variety Pack, 10-Count – (1 Bag) 175 calories, 30g Protein, 3.75g Fat, 12.5g Carbs
  • Kirkland Turkey Jerky, 14oz Bag – (1oz Serving Size) 80 cal, 10g protein, 1g fat, 8g carbs

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Fresh Meats

The fresh meat section of Costco is massive. They’ve cut, measured, packed, and stated all the macros to make it easy for you to find what you need. In our macro-friendly diet, meats are an important part of getting in your protein. They have a variety of options that are fresh and ready to be tossed into your cart to take home and cook. The best part is even the meats are packaged in bulk so if you’re looking to meal prep for the week, Costco is the best place to shop. Don’t forget about the savings financially due to buying in bulk.

Keep these meats in mind to add to your Costco shopping list as they are the best bang for your buck to smash your macros: Chicken Breast, Turkey Breast, Filet Mignon, Ribeye, Beef Chuck, Ground Beef (90/10), Ground Turkey (93/7), Bison, Salmon, White Fish, and Shrimp. Take it home, open up your favorite cookbook, and make that kitchen smell amazing.

Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

This category is essential. The reason why fruits and vegetables should be a vital part of your diet is because of the low-calorie content in bulk. This means you can munch while still keeping those calories low. Costco does a great job of providing fresh fruits and vegetables in bulk. Get double the amount of blueberries for a reasonable price compared to anywhere else. Here are my recommended fruits and vegetables that should be included in your shopping list at Costco.

Fruits: Blueberry, Blackberry, Raspberry, Strawberries, Watermelon, Kiwi

Vegetables: Tomato, Cucumber, Carrots, Broccoli, Cabbage, Spinach, Avocado, Potato


Energy Drinks:

Celsius, Variety Mix, 18 Pack – (1 Can) 200mg Caffeine, 10 Calories, 0g Carbs

Alani Variety Mix, 18 Pack – (1 Can) 200mg Caffeine, 10 Calories, 3g Carbs

Sugar-Free Red Bull, 24 Pack – (1 Can) 114mg Caffeine, 20 Calories, 2.5g Carbs


Liquid I.V. Electrolyte Drink, Variety Mix, 30 Pack – (1 Stick) 45 Calories, 11g Carbs

Prime Hydration Drink, Variety Mix, 15-Pack – (1 Bottle) 25 Calories, 5 Carbs

Powerade Zero 24-Pack – (20oz Bottle) 0 Calories, 0g Carbs, 250mg Sodium

Gatorade Zero, Variety Mix, 28-Pack – (12oz Bottle) 0 Calories, <1g Carbs, 160mg Sodium

Chobani Lowfat Greek Yogurt Drink, 12 Pack – (1 Bottle) 140 Calories, 10g Protein, 3.5g Fat, 17g Carbs

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Wrapping It Up: Your Guide to Shopping at Costco

And there you have it, folks – a complete guide to the best macro-friendly finds at Costco, handpicked just for you! From proteins to carbs, chilled delights to frozen treasures, snacks, fresh meats, vibrant fruits and veggies, and even hydrating drinks, we’ve covered all the bases to make your grocery shopping both health-conscious and hassle-free.

Remember, this list isn’t just a one-time read; it’s your go-to resource whenever you’re gearing up for a trip to Costco and want to keep your cart filled with nutritious and delicious choices. Whether you’re meal prepping for the week, planning a healthy family dinner, or just stocking up on good-for-you snacks, our guide is designed to help you navigate Costco’s vast selection with ease and confidence.

So next time you’re heading to Costco, keep this list handy. It’s your secret weapon for staying on track with your health goals while enjoying the variety and value that Costco offers. Happy shopping, and here’s to a cart full of macro-friendly goodness!

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